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Our Zanzibar Info Sheet


You are warmly welcome to Zanzibar Tours a fantastic and compressive environmental resource for exploring targeting and booking your holiday while on Zanzibar. We always have the greatest pleasure in identifying our company to your organization in conjunction with specialized excursions and Hotels reservation.

We are the most recently registered Tour Operator and licenced to conduct and organize the followings:

Stone town tour, Spice tour, Jozani forest tour, North Coast Tour, Cultural tour, Dolphin tour, South Coast Tour, Prison Island Tour, Grave .Island, Bawe Island, Fishing Trip, Safari Blue, Flight Reconfirmation, Hotel Reservations, Renter car, motorbike, and etc.

For our come and taste the most experienced interested qualified staff their expertise for making your tour most enjoyable and unforgettable while in Zanzibar.


It is the biggest and a natural forest situated at about 35 km from Zanzibar Stoe Town. With in this natural forest you can find the red colobus monkeys which can never be found on the world and unique to Zanzibar. Further more, there are also various types of animals such as Leopard, Bushbaby, euict cats, lumnings hrew red and every quarrets and elepha as brew and soon. In addition, the Red colobus monkeys most so enjoyable and easy to see while the others animals are most difficult to come a cross or sport. What is the more you have spare to me to work with in the forest for at least 3 minutes to gor for the monkey then to be driven to mangrove bridge forest.


It one of the many smallest dotte of Zanzibar’s west coast. Bawe is among renouned for its exotic breath taking ma-rine life. Becoming a exciting site for both scrub diving and snorkeling.


This is a south coast of Zanzibar tour to Kizimkazi where you will have a brief talk about the behaviour and different types of dolphins before boarding a boat to the dolphins location with 80% of being able to see them. There is a fair opportunity for you get play and swim with them, returning to the shore in the afternoon The types of Dolphin are Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) Humpback dolphins (Sousa chanensis) and etc.


This is the North Coast Tour. This trips leads you through one spice parm, Mangapwani slave cave and chambers, Fukuchani Portuguese ruins, aquarium where you see tortoise with different fish conservation there. Finally you will visit beaches of Nungwi Village so as to relax.


This beginning with visiting to Zanzibar’s colorful market. The three and a half hour tour. Among the tropical exotic fruits. We preceed on to the site of a Cathedral built in 1874 Old slave Market which was abol-ished on 6th June 1873 by decres of the Sultan of Zanzibar, the Cathedrals high altar stands on the very site of the whipping post that was in the market. The visit of the Peoples Palace, the old fort (Portuguese Fort) the Fredric Mercury House, British Council, American Council, Catholic Church, Hindu Temples, Custom House the types of doors available Zanzibar and House of wonders (National Museum) the residence of Sultan of Zanzibar having full of intrigue from days or long ago. The tour ends with a stroll down the narrow streets the old stone town The heart of Zanzibar viva cious history.


This is a half day tour to the Island in mortirized Zanzibar boat special for carrying the visitors or tourist who visiting Zanzibar. Previous name was the former prison for slaves, and quarantine station for East African countries like as Uganda, Kenya, Zanzibar and Mainland (Tanganyika) while mean while is a peace and quite island where you will be able to find a hundred years old Giant tortoises act as unlikely vigilant over the Island and you cannot help but wonder what takes if only they could talk. It is around at one kilometer long and a quarter of a kilometer wide. This is the nicest Island for swimming and snorkeling after a stroll round the Island and also its water is so clear.


This Island was previously named as “French Island” and contains the cemetery that was reserved in 1879 by the ruling Sultan and who was later consecrated by Bishop Edward, Steer (who was the well known Anglican Cathedral on the site of the slave market) in 1880. The cemetery comprises graves from residence of Zanzibar, officials and men of the Royal navy and merchant marine. Some of the British sailors were killed in action with Germany cruiser in 1914. It is always a half a day tour.


This is a three half hour wonderful tour for going t( the middle of the Island where you will be able t( visit, see, smell and taste the different types of spice, within the spices plantations as well as tropical fruit: such as black pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, ginger, cloves tumeric root, lime, cardamom, cinnamon, lemongrass tangerine trees, and tropical fruits like as jack fruit custard, apple, rambutan, carambola, pineapple, ba nana, avocado, and so on. In a finally way, you will visit Maruhubi monument Mtoni Palace, Kidichi Persian baths that were built b3 the first Sultan of Zanzibar called Sultan Said bir Sultan in used for only six years until 1856 and Maru hubi palace ruins built by the third Sultan of Zanziba Said Baraghash bin Said in 1880 which was speciall3 for keeping 99 harem ultimately Dr. Livingstone house (is a place where by lived him, nowdays Zanzibar tour ist cooperation office.


This Safari Blue is a full day using made traditiona sailing dhow of 8 to 10 metres in length. At the dhow exist engines marines, first aid kit, Dan oxygen unit, water proof bags, boarding ladder, sunshade, gas in flatable life jackets and VHF radio. The fishing villagE of Fumba is situated in the South west Unguja Island The visitors should be arrive Fumba at 9.00arn. ThE dhow through Menai Bay named a conservation area Sometimes you will see humpback and bottlenosE dolphins there. After snorkeling we offer fresh young coconut (dafu) before move to another sandbank for lunch. The lunch is a traditional Zanzibar meals barbe-cued chicken, coriander sauces, tamarind, rice, squid, slipper lobster, and grilled fish. The different tropical fruits, cold drinks, mineral water, sodas and beer.

We advise clients that so please wear your swimming things under your clothes also we advise clients tc bring waterproof shoes for boarding the dhows and tc bring towels, sunscreen and spare T-shirt for snorkeling.

All include: Car, Driver, guide, Lunch, mineral water, sodas, beer, coffee, and boat safaris.

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